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A new perspective on the Pandemic?

I thought it was a strange coincidence that the pandemic began at a market in Wuhan, a city with a sophisticated biowarfare research laboratory.

Yesterday the former head of the Centers for Disease Control of the USA, a virologist by profession, revealed his “opinion”, without “assigning intentionality” to China, that the virus escaped the lab. He suggested that an accident could easily have happened at a place where the work is precisely to keep modifying a virus to see how infectious it can become.

He also said this happened months before the epidemic was announced in China on December 2019, and that the exact timing and manner in which this originated has not been revealed by the Chinese authorities—while China is no longer asserting now, as it once did, that it started at the market in Wuhan.

The former CDC Director cites the fact that China was sourcing supplies internationally, needed to control the epidemic in China, months before it was announced in Dec 2019.

Also, he says that it makes “no biological sense” that the virus jumped from an animal to a human and was so immediately lethal. It usually takes time for mutations that accomplish that to take place, he said.

The World health Organization (part of the UN) is distancing itself from the CDC former director´s conclusion. But one has to wonder about the political seas the organization has to navigate. After Trump made the US withdraw from it, its main sponsor became China.

Apart from all this, former Trump health officials are saying that most of the US deaths could have been prevented, had the US responded adequately to the pandemic.

Meanwhile, Mexico has emerged as the country with the second highest number of deaths from COVID—even though it’s only the 10th most populous in the world.

Even as those of us, lucky to have remained healthy, have become somewhat accustomed to the continuum of Covid related news, and many of us try to tune out everything but scientific facts, it is sobering to realize the impact of governments on this plague.

They can be helpful, like in New Zealand and elsewhere, or, by commission or omission, they can become opportunistic infections themselves.

One has to wonder, who benefits from chaos? Or at least, who expects to?

2 comentarios sobre “A new perspective on the Pandemic?

  1. Ciertamente esa pregunta está en el ambiente desde hace meses: “that chinese bug!”
    Y es tal el resultado, que ha logrado cambiar relaciones, quebrar negocios sanos , el turismo con todas sus vertientes, tumbar paradigmas bienestar de vida…..
    Quien se beneficia?
    Lo sabremos cuando el polvo termine de asentarse, cuando podamos finalmente comprar una pastilla o un tratamiento por unos cuantos dólares.
    Por lo pronto, yo si creo en la responsabilidad de China y su desventajosa economía, porque primero destruyeron la industria textil, luego invadieron de basura al mundo y ahora estamos a expensas de sus caprichos, tan sólo baste ver a dónde está fabricado el 90% de nuestras necesidades o de nuestros hijos…. todos los caminos guían al bloque oriental.

    Le gusta a 1 persona

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