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Sesión 3 del Taller 05/07/20

Taller del Dr. Benjamín Feldman vía videoconferencia.

Cognitive Dissonance

Raise your hand if your plans included a war-waging dictator in a nuclear era.  It comes as a surprise — remembering that universal suffrage only became the norm in the democratic world in the last 100 years. It was going nicely. The simple concept of one person, one vote, was a striking development in the…

Was the US taken before Ukraine?

The story of how the West won the Cold War, 30 years ago, may be replaced by the story of how the West was won. «China joins Russia in opposing Nato expansion» said the heading of a Feb 4 BBC article under this picture. I added Trump’s cartoon, since he may have played a scripted…

The History of the World, in Five Minutes

As it should have been taught in school. Or what I learned during my travels in Egypt, Israel, and Antarctica. Homo sapiens, the animal species that we are, has been anatomically the same for at least 100,000 years. But let’s try to visualize only its last 10,000. It was about then, that the last ice…

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