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Time is a waste of time

Your body lives in space and time.

How about your mind?

Your senses help it comprehend space—but your mind always tries to capture time.

It remembers things of the past. It plans for the future. It is keenly aware of the diminishing time the body has left to live as day by day goes by.

But does the mind ever capture time?

“Cherish the present” is a common advice.

I would put it differently.

Once in a while, whenever you remember, forget about time. Situate your mind in space. Here you are! In space there’s no time.

In fact time has not been proven by physics to exist as we perceive it. Of course things change, but to physics time doesn’t exist by itself. To physics there’s something called space/time.

Einstein even explained that you can effectively travel to the future. If you send one twin on a spaceship, because time elapses differently depending on the speed at which you are going, when he returns, from his perspective, he encounters his twin in the future—and his twin sees him in the past. One has aged and the other has not.

This is mind bending. It takes time to understand…

But the simple conclusion is that time is not absolute. Like the Earth is not flat. It only looks flat. So why insist on time? It’s a waste of time.

While you try to figure it out, time has gone by. Or has it?

Whenever you remember, forget time, stay in space, just the space in your mind for a moment. Notice how spacious, how free you are!

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